This stuff is fucking good to recommend

There are some cool people with good projects, game resources and lots of other hot shit. A collab with some of these people is very productive and one good turn deserves another :) We're very happy to built a good friendship with them to create more incredible games and masterpieces. So, lets check out the webpages and to enjoy the work of the others! And don't forget to support them!

Gamedevs, Creators & Artists

A website with a good variety of old retro games. If you like "Castlevania", "Resident Evil", the 90s and horror games you won't regret a visit on this page.

A page with short and cute games, excellent tools and really impressive resources for the RPG Maker. A visit is definitively worthwhile.

You're looking for fresh and unused resources for the RPG Maker? So check out this great website! Highly recommended!

A developer team who's creating classical role playing games. Join a fantastic gaming experience and get to know the world of "Wings of Justice".


A german website with lots of useful tutorials, resources, games, events and so on. Every member is kind and the support is amazing. I highly recommend this site.

The number one website for (RPG Maker) games, resources and other stuff. If you're looking for something that is required for your game - this page got it.

Most Wanted Games

A promising RPG project for players who'd like to play on the dark side. Perhaps you could turn the mighty and dreadful demon lord to a good person by your own decisions?