The Seventh Warrior

Developer: DerKIAS


Publisher: Voodoo Box


Genre: RPG / Fantasy


Language: german / english


Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace


Status: Demo version 0.5

Sometimes the evil is closer than you think

The Seventh Warrior is a retro-themed, SNES-style RPG that tells the story of 'Dark', a demonic crown prince of hell, who nearly conquered the world a thousand years ago but got sealed away in the end. Now, millenia later, the demon lord returns after the seal gets broken by some fools who think they could control him for their world domination plans.


Of course 'Dark' is pissed as hell and ready to rock. Driven by the desire for revenge 'Dark' wants to conquer the world once again to ensure his place as sole ruler over humanity. But things aren't that easy this time: Back then he had an army of thousands of demons, undead and orcs under his command, now he is alone. Soon 'Dark' realizes that the world he once brought death and destruction to has drastically changed. The big empires he fought against are gone, new lands were discovered and new wars threatening the world. And so it seems that our demon is just one of many threats which could plunge the world into chaos ...


If you are tired of mimicking the shiny sparkling hero and would rather rule the world than saving it, if you want a humorous challenging, storydriven game experience, if you love retro RPGs, then this game is for you!


  • decide which path your fate will take with the Karma System: Your decisions control which path you will take
  • an epic journey through a huge fantastic world and hundreds of interesting characters is awaiting you
  • overcome dozens of beautifully designed dungeons and solve tricky puzzles on your way to the world domination
  • fight in epic challenging battles and beat your enemies in an ornate crafted retro side view battle system
  • discover a beautifully crafted soundtrack featuring awesome artists like Sam Machin
  • prove your skills in a variety of mini games

System requirements (minimum)

Runs for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3,60 GHz

RAM: 4,00 GB

System type: 64-bit operating system