! NEWS !

New Game release from Val Games

Do you want a cunning and nasty succubus? Then maybe 'Vampsaw: Succubus Kiss' would be something for you. Infiltrate with the seductive Stella a church from the inside and thus spread evil and absolute darkness. Not for sissies and good samaritans ;D

Ready for commissions?

Finally you can use my services! xD

From now on I offer commissions in addition to my development work. If you need something for your game or just want to have a cool picture painted, then let me know. I'm curious and look forward to a great cooperation with you.

Resources out of the Voodoo Box

It took a long time but I uploaded some of my resources finally. Of course, more stuff will follow in the future.

'The Seventh warrior' - Patreon update

Kias, the developer of 'The Seventh Warrior', has released a new big update on his Patreon page. As a supporting patron you will receive the latest information and the current state of the development.

'The Seventh warrior' update

Kias has finally found a suitable artist for the battle backgrounds in TSW! The results are pretty impressive.

You can find out here more info about the game.

'lonely' - demo available

The english demo version of LoneLy:The DesCent is now available on this website. Voodoo Box wishes a lot of fun and happy shudders!

A lil' bit ko-fi coffee?

Me and my project now also have a Ko-fi account that you can support with a little bit coffee. For everyone for whom Patreon is too cumbersome, you have now the opportunity to support the Voodoo Box work quickly and easily.

'lonely' on patreon

LoneLy: The DesCent has now received a Patreon profile. The tiers offer exciting rewards that each supporting patron receives. If you are interessted, please have a look.

'lonely' on discord

The gates to the LoneLy-Discord channel are now open for everyone and are no longer Patreon exclusive anymore. Follow the invitation by clicking on the button below or click on the red Discord icon. We look forward to you!

voodoo box on patreon

There is now a Voodoo Box-channel for all Discord users, where you can follow all the latest news quickly and easily and exchange ideas and stories with other people.