Do you need something for your game?

You have searched the internet for any specific resources and found nothing suitable? You have an idea but you can't implement it artistically? Well, I'm your man when it comes to drawing, pixel art or edits of pre-existing material! As an allrounder I can implement (almost) anything that comes to mind. Please note the terms and conditions below!



Charsets + 4 frame animation:

No matter which Maker engine you use, whether you want chibi style, realistic, XP, MV, completely redesigned or just simple edits - everything is possible.

Objects, add ons & icons:

Are you missing certain decorative items or objects for your game? Do you need something special or what is hard to get by? There are no limits.

Gokart template made by TheRealFusion

Directly from scratch:

Tired of the same old sprites and graphics? Then there is nothing better than fresh resources - directly from scratch!

↓ You can find further resources and references here: ↓


1 charset (completely new)

1 charset (regular style/with template)

1 charset (edits/corrections)


Add on/single graphic (completely new)

Add on/single graphic (edit/corrections)

1 tileset (VX Ace)

1 tileset (MV/MZ)


- starting at 60$

- starting at 40$

- starting at 25$


- starting at 45$

- starting at 20$

- starting at 65$

- starting at 70$

Prices are negotiable depending on the effort.

With the exception of the tilesets, every Maker style is included in the prices.

Faceset & bust graphics

Sometimes, certain emotions are missing in a faceset. I'll draw the right face or bust graphic quickly and easily for you. If you only need touch-ups and a few edits, like missing hair or cut edges, then I can fix it without any problems. Completely redesigned facesets with matching emotions or busts can also be commissioned.


1 single face (completely new)

1 single face (regular style/with template)

1 single face (edits/corrections)


1 faceset (completely new)

1 faceset (regular style/with template)

1 faceset (edits/corrections)


1 bust graphic (completely new)

1 bust graphic (regular style/with template)

1 bust graphic (edits/corrections)


- starting at 40$

- starting at 30$

- starting at 10$


- starting at 45$

- starting at 35$

- starting at 15$


- starting at 50$

- starting at 40$

- starting at 25$

Prices are negotiable depending on the effort.

Every Maker style is included in the prices.


Are you looking for a suitable logo for your game? Then hit me up an I'll create a suitable logo for you with fonts and everything you want.


1 logo


- starting at 18$

The prices are negotiable depending on the effort.


Do you need a fancy title picture or any other artwork for your game? I can make it happen! No matter if realistic or in an anime style - my art style is flexible and can be adapted to different topics and wishes.

↓ For more insight you can look at my previous pictures in their original resolution here.: ↓


1 artwork (simple art)

1 artwork (advanced art)



- starting at 90$

- starting at 115$

Simple art:

  • flat design
  • less shadow & light effects
  • minimalist effects

Advanced art:

  • more details
  • more gradients
  • stronger rendering of light & shadows
  • elaborated effects for an individual look

Prices are negotiable depending on the effort.

Commission terms

When you have decided to give me a commission, the following conditions must be observed in advance.


1) I'm currently not accepting mass commissions (e.g. no five or ten charsets/busts/pictures at once).


2) Any suggestions or ideas, as well as any deadlines for a commission must be formulated clearly and described in detail (the more information, the better).


3) The client must always be available for questions.


4) Minimal changes for the product are included but large and complex reworks have a surcharge of 10$.


5) Payments can only be processed via PayPal and Ko-fi.


6) The payment is only made when the job is completed satisfactorily.


7) Once the commission has been paid, the money can no longer be refunded and the end product can no longer be exchanged.


8) Every finished product is subject to the terms of use of Voodoo Box (see RPG Maker resources).