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A website with a good variety of old retro games. If you like 'Castlevania', 'Resident Evil', the 90s and horror games you won't regret a visit on this page. Only in german

A page with short and cute games, excellent tools and really impressive resources for the RPG Maker. A visit is definitively worthwhile.

You are looking for many fresh and unused resources for the RPG Maker? So check out this great website! Highly recommended!

Ginimo is a freelance composer and the founder of "Ginimo Musics" who has set the mission to create complete soundtracks for various types of indie online games.

Tired of monotonous RPGs with repeating ele-ments? Do you want something different? So, you are ready for the island... uh, ready for games by Zion with a little bit of extra humor. Only real with the yellow budgie!

93Chowo is a German Lets Play who loves to play games from the genres action, puzzle, retro and horror and presents them with a lot of fun and passion.


A german website with lots of useful tutorials, resources, games, events and so on. Every member is kind and the support is amazing.

The number one website for (RPG Maker) games, resources and other stuff. If you're looking for something that is required for your game - this page got it.

Insider tips

'Vampsaw' is a game series and inspired by the good old 'Castlevania' and 'Soul Reaver' games, which is outstanding of tough action and more suitable for pro gamers. If you're looking for challenging fights, that's the right place for you.

Only in german

Do you like dark and oppressive horror games with a pixel art look? Then this series of games would be just right for you, which currently includes three parts and a side series called 'Biohazard'.

Only in german

The dark prequel to 'Vampsaw - Vampire's Kiss'. Take on the role of Stella, a diabolical creature tasked with infiltrating a consecrated church from the inside. Experience the bloody baptism of a succubus and the downfall of the Sanctuary.

The spin off of the RPG 'The Seventh Warrior'. Meet Obscura, Dark's sister, on her own little adventure. Trapped on a lonely island, it's her only way to avoid boredom is to fight with the monsters that live there. Not least to find answers to her captivity. Only in german

A horror game from Tasuva, which stands out for its oppressive, terrifying and unique atmosphere. As Cora, you'll have to find out why you are in an abandoned train station and discover the secrets that surround her and other lost souls.

Most Wanted Games

A promising RPG project for players who'd like to play on the dark side. Perhaps you could turn the mighty and dreadful demon lord to a good person by your own decisions? For fans of 'Breath of Fire' and 'Terranigma'.

Do you like good old retro pixel graphics and want to experience the nostalgic feelings from your childhood again? Then discover the 'Paracreats' and explore, collect and fight like in the good old 'Pokemon' games.