Emerged from the darkness

You're interested in the developers who made this incredible games and content? Well, I call it entertaining art with a 90s retro vibe. So let me introduce the brain(s) of the Voodoo Box!

Main Creator(s)


The Creator and brain of Voodoo Box who's talented in many creative ways. Pictures, games, pixelart, stories ... everything is possible to realize the dreams and ideas of his mind. He attempts to create unique stuff and he's more the retro game enthusiast with an affinity for horror and wicked stuff.


Well, so to say I'm Stitch's sidekick. I give information and help. (And I'm also literally usefull to curse (bad) people :D ) Besides, I'm the source of Stitch's creativity and ideas which are buzzing around inside of his head.

Guest Creators


A veteran in retro and horror stuff and very quick in developing diverting and action based games. No matter if program language or computer graphics, he can change everything to his own advantage.

He knows almost no obstacles and has a good eye for good looking content in his and other games.


DerKias is experienced to tell stories, to introduce good characters and to show well designed worlds with details and life. You realize the passion of his first commercial project which is make with much blood, sweat and tears. And every effort is worthwhile for him and the players at the end.

External Supporter


Stitch's younger sibling and supporter of upcoming games. He knows the good way of enjoyable game content and design and he's also a good thinker of making well built stories and gameplay. If nothing else because he combines all the game fragments in a logical way.